Top 25 Sites for Real College Reviews by Students

by admin on February 10, 2010

You are paying for your education, so it is a good idea to read about the schools you are considering. Colleges offer a number of different classes, majors and offerings from professors with specialized areas of knowledge. There are a number of web sites devoted rankings and reviews by students. These can often be more helpful than reviews by “experts”. This is because students are in the thick of it, with firsthand, working knowledge of what the college offers and how the university truly is in terms of addressing student concerns. Here are 25 web sites offering college reviews by students:

Reviews of Colleges and Universities

These web sites offer student reviews of colleges and universities. Get inside, student-level reviews of different colleges and universities. Many of these sites also include sections on graduate school programs.

  1. Unigo: This student review web site features a number of continuously update videos and images, in addition to written reviews. You can also participate in forums and discussions about schools, and share your thoughts and study tips.
  2. College Confidential: If you are looking for forums and discussions about colleges and universities, this is a good place to go. The web site is almost entirely made up of forums. It is a great place to get questions answered and even discuss how the college search is going with other teens and their parents.
  3. College Prowler: College students write short college guides to help fellow students and aspiring students learn more about the college. You can find sections on a number of useful subjects, including academics, sports, housing, entertainment, facilities and more.
  4. StudentsReview: More than 78,600 college reviews are available on this web site. You can see campus news clips and read alumni reviews of different major programs, including graduate programs.
  5. Yollege: Find out what colleges have to offer in terms of nightlife, restaurants, athletics and dining in addition to academics, dorm life, professors and scholarships. You can even read reviews of the type of weather seen at different colleges and universities.
  6. Get information about applying for college, and read reviews from other students. You can even post your own reviews, and find information about scholarships and interact with others on the forums.
  7. MyNextCollege: Students offer insights into different university and college programs, as well as information on where to go to find textbooks, entertainment and other useful college knowledge. You can also participate in an honest forum, where students are accurate and no-holds-barred.
  8. RateMyCollege: This service by College Times offers college reviews from students. Get information on schools by state, as well as universities in countries from around the world. Figure out which experience is likely to fit you best.
  9. Students share information about different colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. You can also see top rated schools, according to students who go to the schools, and have actual experience with the day to day of college.
  10. Read student reviews of different colleges and universities, and learn about what it takes to get in. You can also find information on a variety of different subjects related to college, and finding scholarships and jobs.
  11. This site prides itself on “uncensored college student reviews”. Get the real story about what’s going on at different universities, and read what students say about different programs, facilities and other opportunities, from travel abroad to your ability to party.
  12. Online College Reviews: Interested in online learning? You can get inside information and student reviews about different online colleges at this web site. Includes experiences with distance learning and other related issues.
  13. Online Degree Reviews: This is another online site aimed at student reviews of online schools and online degree programs offered by offline universities and colleges.
  14. The Princeton Review: This web site offers reviews by “experts” and others, but at the same time, there are student reviews as well. You can submit your own concerns about college, and read what others say about college.
  15. Internship Ratings: It’s not exactly a college, but an internship can be an important part of your education. This site can help you get a feel for different internships — from the students who lived through them.

Professor and Class Reviews

Sometimes you need more than just an overview of the school. It can also help to have an idea of how students view different classes and professors. Plus, it can be extra helpful once you actually choose a college and now have to choose which classes you will take.

  1. This is a site designed for students to share what they know about different professors and the classes the teach. You can look by school or by the professor’s name.
  2. Rate a Prof: Write a review about a professor, and read other reviews. Find out what makes them tick, and see what others are saying about their classes.
  3. Rate Your Professor: You can read about different professors, and learn about their classes ahead of time. Also, leave your own reviews.
  4. Claiming to be the “original” professor rating site, this student review site began in 1997, allowing students from all over the U.S. and the world to post about their professors.
  5. You can evaluate your professors, and read what others are saying. Get an idea of how a professor teaches before you take the class.
  6. Pick-a-Prof: This site is now part of, and offers you the chance to read professor and class reviews, as well as leave your own feedback.
  7. Grade My Professors: Give your own grades — to your professors. Read about what fellow students have to say about different professors and classes.
  8. Find out who you should take for your classes. Reviews of teachers and professors at different colleges and universities from around the country.
  9. Look up professors by school and by name, and read about what other students have to say about how they teach and their class materials.
  10. Rate Your Students: This blog offers an options for professors tired of being ragged on by students. Now teachers can fight back by sending in their own reviews of students and how students behave in class.

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